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My confidence is at an all time high!
Samantha has been with us since the beginning. Her personalized plan allowed her to work through previous weightlifting injuries and reach her desired body composition goals.
7 lb increase in lean body mass
6.5% decrease in body fat
5 inches lost around waist
I've gotten stronger and leaner.
Chris is competitive. Once he tried CrossFit, he knew he wanted to get as good as he could. In working with Coach Bunn he's been able to make continuous improvement—PR'ing every lift while placing higher in the Open each year.
14 lb increase in lean body mass
14% decrease in body fat
Love, love, love the support and coaching!
With a hectic work schedule, Kaitlin was finding it hard to stay consistent in her eating and training. Working with a coach, getting a personalized plan and having the support and accountability have made all the difference.
13.5 lb increase in lean muscle mass
7% decrease in body fat
I love the community and camaraderie.
Kevin is a former collegiate rower so he's no slouch when it comes to working hard. But, with his new job, he was finding it hard to stay consistent. He found the support and camaraderie he missed from college athletics and that has made all the difference.
9 lb increase in lean muscle mass
6.5% decrease in body fat
7 inches lost around waist
First thing I do when I wake up is check my training app to see what my coach has planned for me!
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